The Role of Fintech in Banking

The days where people would visit their local bank branch to take care of all their financial needs are gradually disappearing. The digital era has now taken hold of the financial sector. Now, consumers can rely not only on their banks, but also on a bunch of privately created apps and third-party services to manage [...]

The Future of Biometrics in Payment

In the near future, the use of PIN, signatures, and other traditional forms of payment verification may become obsolete. The payment industry is now envisioning a future where the key to identity and payment verification lies inherently in the user’s biology. Fingers, eyes, voice, and even behaviors are now being considered as the most secure [...]

The Rise of Mobile P2P Payments

With the increasing use of mobile devices among global consumers, mobile peer-to-peer (P2P) payments are set to be the next big thing in the areas of fintech and banking. Consumers are getting increasingly accustomed to using their mobiles to handle most of their daily lives. Logically, they now demand this same flexibility and freedom from [...]

Partnerships in Payment: An Interview with Jan-Oliver Stück

Today’s businesses are demanding a wider variety of payment possibilities to meet customers’ needs. Therefore, payment companies need to react to these changes and be ready to offer each online business just the right payment solution. To avoid building this solution from scratch, they form partnerships. Partnerships can be formed between different entities: payment providers, [...]

New Look and Feel: Welcome optile’s Updated Brand Logo

The market is always undergoing a process of continuous evolution: customers’ expectations are changing, new business models keep emerging, and technologies revolutionize the way we manage various processes. And so, optile, an innovation-driven payment company, continues to undergo constant development –not only regarding the everyday improvement of its intelligent solution, but also in terms of [...]