All About Successful Checkout: Tips to Boost Your Conversion Rates (Part 1)

Constantly improving the customer journey is a top priority of online merchants. Shopping cart abandonment levels are growing from year to year and have reached 77% in 2016/17. It is vital for e-merchants to stay alert and tackle the problem from multiple perspectives. Coping with the causes of abandoned shopping carts will lead to an [...]

Online Payments in Germany: General Overview

In Germany, buying goods online is gaining in popularity: 63%[1] of Germans stated that they shop online more often than ever before. This tendency is rather explainable: online purchasing is easy, comfortable, and does not require as much time and energy as traditional shopping. On average, Germans spend around 670 Euro[2] annually on online shopping. [...]

I am optilio – it’s a pleasure to meet you!

{ "name" : { "firstName" : "optilio" }, "birthday" : "2017-02-17", "origin" : { "country" : "DE", "region" : "Payville" "creator" : "optile GmbH" }, "preselection" : { "gender" : "ANY", "reference" : "Super Intelligent Payment Specialist" }, "style":{ "language" : "ANY", "themecolor" : "RGB 41/153/40"   } } … oh I am sorry, I am just used to [...]

Open API: a New Stage in Online Payment Evolution?

Lately, the trend of open APIs is winning the attention of the whole payment industry. The interest in open APIs is driven by ever developing FinTech innovations and e-merchants’ need to construct new use cases, perfectly tailored to their requirements. As Arnulf Keese highlighted during the PEX conference in Berlin, nowadays payment providers just cannot [...]