Industries that benefit in particular from optile’s solutions

Dating Industry


Many banks and investors consider dating and matchmaking sites particularly vulnerable when it comes to defaulting on payments. Fears of payment defaults and chargebacks often overshadow just how popular and profitable the online dating business is worldwide. This high-risk point of view leads to excessively high fees and difficulties in finding business partners.

Betting Industry


Gambling comes at a high risk, not only for players but also for banks and investors. The fact that you are running an online business and have a higher risk of fraud automatically increases the likelihood of chargebacks and cancelled transactions. The fees for transactions increase or will be denied completely. With our solutions, we enable you to prevent fraud and reduce the denial rates.

Digital Entertainment


As a provider of streaming services and digital content you face many challenges. In addition to the settlement of subscriptions and the optimization of the CLV you face daily confrontations with fraud and chargebacks. Should these problems persist, you will expect higher transaction fees or even account blocking. So it is even more important to remain flexible.

Shopping Clubs


As a merchant, it is essential to be able to offer products through an online store today. The online sales of your products crucially depend on your payment handling. To remain competitive in the rapidly growing online market, it is important to be constructed as flexible and extensive as possible in terms of payment services.

Gaming Industry


The Gaming industry is moving away from existing billing models to free-to-play offers with increasing speed. For the companies involved this will lead to huge adjustments of the existing business models and the payment methods offered in the future. Flexibility and speed are now indispensable.



As operator of an online platform you offer a virtual marketplace for your clients’ products. You also face the daily challenge of offering a two-dimensional payment service: Both the settlement of your clients accounts and the delivery of all standard payment terms for your clients B2B clients, lead to a highly complex payment system.

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