Payment at Oktoberfest: Time to Go Mobile?

Oktoberfest is the largest beer festival in the world: every year it attracts more than 6 million guests from all over the globe to Munich, Germany. While the cheering crowd is enjoying drinking beer, eating roasted almonds, and driving all the kinds of roller coasters, the organizers of the festival keep making millions of revenue [...]

Uncovering Blockchain: What Hides Behind This Technology? (Part 1)

In the last couple of years, “blockchain” has become a buzzword in business and tech communities. There is a bunch of posts on social media, plenty of articles in magazines, and a number of documentaries on the Internet: everyone is trying to catch the hype and present their own vision of the blockchain technology. All [...]

7 Tips on How to Choose the Right Payment Service Provider

Online businesses are experiencing their best days yet: e-commerce is rapidly turning into an ever more valuable industry. According to a survey from comScore, consumers make 51% of their purchases online nowadays. This fact leaves traditional retailers no choice but to try and keep pace with new tech while improving their online presence. Despite a [...]

Chinese Online Payment Map: Changes and Tendencies

The whole FinTech scene is watching how payment is changing and evolving in western countries. The Swedish Generation Y implants chips under their skin to make contactless payments even easier. The Facebook Messenger launches payments in the USA. Some read the payment news feed enthusiastically and observe how London is becoming one of the world’s [...]

Managing Fraud in Online Payment: What to Consider

Mobile wallets, contactless payments, and all the latest trends on the financial scene have turned digital payment into an easy, convenient, and fast experience for the end-customer. However, no matter how smooth payment processes can be build, it is unlikely that consumers will use payment services unless they ensure security. Fiserv reports that 81% of [...]