Freedom and Flexibility in Payment Routing

Modern e-commerce has become an inherently global industry. The rapid exchange of cross-border commerce has presented new challenges in the payment world. Among these challenges is the issue of payment routing. How a payment is routed in the few seconds from the time the customer submits their purchase to the time that the purchase is [...]

The Power of Big Data in the Payment World

The term big data is used to describe large amounts of data that a company collects over a period of time. You can think of big data as like “looking for the needle in the haystack”; the needle is the insightful information that you are searching for and the haystack is the large amount of [...]

Make v. Buy: The Pros and Cons of a Home-Made Payment Solution

With the increasingly rapid growth of e-commerce, online businesses have difficult choices to make regarding how they will build and manage their payment ecosystems to best serve their customers and their individual business needs. The path that a payment at any online shop must take includes several different entities, each handling a different part of [...]

Resources to Become a Pro in Payment Processing Solutions

FinTech is a fresh term that is being used to describe the fusion of the financial industry and technology­— it’s about bringing new and improved services to the industry. FinTech offers new developments to the world of payment processing — from mobile apps that facilitate mobile payments to choosing a Payment Service Provider (PSP) that [...]

Loyalty Programs Go Mobile

To succeed, the priority goal for any business is to constantly grow their customers’ engagement. Loyalty and rewards systems are well-known strategies to shift the attention towards a specific brand. While businesses reward their customers with discounts and other benefits, in return, the customers reward businesses with coming back and purchasing more often. And the [...]