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Established in 2010, optile is a Munich-based software company that provides an intelligent payment solution for enterprises and their consumers worldwide. The founder and CEO of optile, Daniel Smeds, previously worked as the Technical Director of the Wirecard AG and Teradata eCircle, and he founded the PAY.ON AG. Taking these experiences, he brought optile to life, which to date has a team of more than 60 payment experts from 21 countries. They bring together their unique skills and a thorough understanding of innovative technologies to create optile’s open payment platform.

In the complex and continuously changing payment landscape, international enterprises require special support to handle the complexity of their payment infrastructure on a global scale. By integrating all payment-related processes in one unified layer, optile has created an open payment interface which strives to build a worldwide, easy-to-access payment network.

With optile’s open payment platform, businesses can leverage unlimited payment opportunities by accessing any payment method and provider worldwide. In this way, businesses can gain independence, flexibility, and freedom in choosing the payment solution that fits their own business strategy.

A one-time implementation of optile’s open payment interface helps to significantly increase technical and operational efficiency while managing the payment setup within one unified system. Having quickly connected to any preferred method or provider, businesses can speed up the time-to-market.

A customized native checkout architecture combined with smart customer registration logics leads to an enhanced, individualized shopping experience for the consumer. Transaction flows can be configured for any business case specifically, which results in higher acceptance rates. Additionally, businesses can tailor their strategy based on the insights gained from comprehensive data-driven analytics.

optile serves digital leaders in their respective industries and technical platform businesses, covering the bases of retail, travel, dating, gaming, and more.

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