About optile

The Munich based company was founded in 2010 by Daniel Smeds. In 2013, the company began expanding due to both a continuous growth in personnel as well as consistent product development. Since 2014, private investors, as well as the ‘Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau’, have successfully closed several rounds of growth financing.

E-commerce continues to grow dynamically and payments are an important part of it. Payments are one of the last big areas ripe for disruption and optile has a superior range of solutions and unique value propositions that will help us to succeed within this growing market.

optile is a Munich-based company that has specialized in creating a one-click checkout experience for consumers and offering an open and provider-independent payment platform to help businesses integrate multiple payment gateways, providers, and methods on a global scale within hours.

Our software guarantees online businesses, focused on recurring customers, more freedom of choice and reduced complexity in their payment transactions. optile provides intelligent payment solutions and tools to enable cross provider controlling and scoring, and to help our customers to reduce their operating costs.

optile serves digital leaders in their industries and technical platform businesses, covering retail, travel, dating, gaming and etc.
We are a team of about 50 payment enthusiasts in Munich plus an open eco-system of free developers worldwide building open platform extensions and applications.

Meet optiliers:

Our Team

How does optile differ from other payment providers?

You currently have a choice of service providers to select from when linking the various payment methods and providers in your online store. Some of the payment service providers offer various payment methods. Furthermore you can connect with:

  • Credit card acquirers
  • Individual payment methods such as PayPal
  • Banks

optile provides you with a single interface that significantly reduces your technical and operational expenses. If you are active in several countries and markets and want to provide flexible new payment methods, then reducing the high cost of technical and operational expenditure is of upmost importance.

optile creates transparency, giving you a holistic overview that helps to keep track of cost-optimized transaction routing while also providing additional functions.