The market is always undergoing a process of continuous evolution: customers’ expectations are changing, new business models keep emerging, and technologies revolutionize the way we manage various processes. And so, optile, an innovation-driven payment company, continues to undergo constant development –not only regarding the everyday improvement of its intelligent solution, but also in terms of updating its corporate brand identity. Standing in the center of the rebranding spotlight is a new company logo, one which has recently received a refreshed look and feel.

Same Values – New Design

The logo enhancement aims to show how optile has evolved as a payment company, as well as to reinforce the company’s objectives and values.

optile, being an ambitiously forward thinking company, is constantly striving to anticipate to the latest payment world development. optile’s Corporate Identity (CI) team aimed to apply the most recent global trends in brand design to give optile’s logo a modernized look. “Along with our main goal to sharpen the brand’s look, we also wanted to unify the way optile as a brand appears across various channels and devices.” – comments Leonardo Caetano, Head of Design at optile. “In addition, another goal was to enhance the quality of the logo’s reproduction on printed materials.”

At the same time, it is of paramount importance for optile to streamline payment processes and create exactly the online payment experience which international businesses and their customers need. “Independence. Transparency. Optimization. These tenets are what optile’s open payment solution stands for and our branding message should communicate these objectives too.” – says Evgenia Rud, Head of Marketing and Sales Communication at optile. “By refining our logo, optile reinforces its commitment to continuously optimize all payment-related processes to ensure a seamless and efficient online payment experience”.

The story behind optile’s Logo and Company name

Consisting of the green “circle” symbol and a wordmark, optile’s logo has a history to tell. The “circle”, which is divided into three parts, is a simplified representation of the so-called möbius, a 3D geometric figure that has only one side and one boundary. As a symbol, the möbius is used to reveal the continuity of processes, and for this reason, it serves as a metaphor for optile’s “Implement Once” technology. optile’s unique approach provides businesses with limitless access to the entire payment world. “Implement Once” serves to automatically unify and optimize all payment-related processes as well as coherently update all involved systems once any changes have been made. From the start, optile’s very first brand design was inspired by the möbius. Being a sign for a frictionless payment experience, the updated logo has kept the original symbol.

The name of the company serves as a textual extension of the logo. The name “optile”, where “op” is short for optimization and “tile” stands for the number of interrelated and connected payment mechanisms, conveys a range of possibilities to optimize payment processes in a unified manner. The brand name also incorporates crucial values of the company, which are intensified with the help of the typography. The ascending cut of the letters symbolizes the strive for optimization and improvement. However, the möbius can be used separately from the name, for example as an icon for mobile applications.

The color is also an important aspect of optile’s logo: optile’s corporate color is green as it stands for reliability and trust. To visually represent these crucial values, which are important for the payment experience of both businesses and their customers, the color of optile’s logo has undergone only major changes. The basic tone has been slightly altered and the number of shades on the logo has been reduced in comparison to the previous version.

Nothing can develop much or move forward without undergoing change. In updating its look, optile shows that it always follows the path of constant improvement – for businesses, consumers, and, without any doubt, for the entirety of the world of payment. The new design brings freshness into optile’s logo, and we hope you love it too!